The Most Advanced Document Approval Solution for SAP

What it is

FingaPass is the simplest way to approve documents in SAP system, yet it is the most secure.

Touch ID

With FingaPass, your iPhone and your fingerprint are the keys for approving documents.

Simplest and Fastest

Click a link in a message or email. Scan your fingerprint and that is!!

Most Secure

3-factor authentication. Stronger than many other expensive solutions.

System Protection

Our approval gateway protects your mission critical SAP ERP system. Hide it behind the wall.


See it to believe it


Your fingerprint is one of the best passwords in the world.

Dan Riccio – SVP, Apple Inc.





User Admin

Gateway for SAP ERP

  • Unlock User
  • Reset Password
  • Lock User

Sales Order

Gateway for SAP ERP

  • Release Delivery Block
  • Release Billing Block


Gateway for SAP ERP

  • Release Vendor Invoice
  • Release Sales Order Credit Block
  • Release Delivery Credit Block


Q. What is FingaPass?

FingaPass is the most advanced document approval solution for SAP. It uses the Touch ID on iPhone and iPad and the Authentication framework of iOS. FingaPass consists of 2 parts: the Gateway and the App. 

Q. What is the FingaPass Gateway?

FingaPass Gateway is the middleware between SAP and the app. It is for authenticating the users and protecting the SAP ERP systems. It runs on Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server.

Q. What is the FingaPass iOS app?

It’s available from the Apple App Store. It is the user interface. It works with iPhone and iPad. Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Fingerprint authentication requires Touch ID sensor.

Q: We are currently using Duet Enterprise. Shall we replace it with FingaPass?

FingaPass is not for replacing Duet Enterprise, SAP business workflow or other workflow solutions. FingaPass works together with those workflow solutions to speed up the document approval process.

Q: Does FingaPass send email to the next approver or the requester?

No, FingaPass is not a workflow engine. 

Q. Why there is no reject button?

We believe only approval is urgent. And needs immediate response. 

Q. How long will it take to install the FingaPass Gateway?

Less than an hour.

Q. Do I need to import any program or change any configuration to my SAP system?


Q. What SAP authorization is needed?

Authorization object S_RFC for calling from external system. And authorizations for approving the documents. 

Q. Do I need SAP Mobile Platform or Netweaver Gateway?

No, all you need is the SAP ERP system.

Q. No Android or Windows Phone support?

No, Touch ID is not available on these platforms. 

Q. My iPhone has no Touch ID sensor. Does FingaPass work with it?

Yes, it will prompt you for the device passcode. 

Q. What are the 3 authentication factors between the FingaPass Gateway and the App?

(1) Your SAP username and password, (2) device identifier, (3) a shared secret.

Q. Will FingaPass store or send my fingerprint?

No, your fingerprint is for retrieving your SAP password from the iOS keychain. As Apple said, your fingerprint is stored in the Secure Enclave inside the A7/A8/A9/A10 chip. 

Q. How do I get help or support?

Please email us at We only offer email support. Our support hours are 9am-5pm (China Time) Monday-Friday.

Q. Why FingaPass is free. What's the catch?

We want you to visit other apps from us, iRF for SAP. We also work for tailor-made iPhone and Apple Watch app that interfacing with SAP. Those are our main businesses. Please contact us if you have any need. 



If you have any problem with FingaPass, please email us at

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